Zinser Dental Lab, Inc.
A crown and bridge Lab, with implant crowns. Digital design work using 3shape CAD, Roland cam. PFM, PFZ, Bruxzir, emax, custom abutments. 

       We make our crowns in our lab, our country, our economy!




                                Monolithic Zirconia

  The most popular product right now seems to be Monolithic Zirconia.  I do like this product, a great alternative to a gold crown or for a patient that is a bruxer. At roughly 900mpa it isn’t going to break! Designed on our 3shape scanner/designer and milled out of a solid block of zirconia it is then stained to the correct shade. Solid zirconia isn’t the most translucent product out there and therefore doesn’t have quite the beauty of hand layered porcelain or emax, but Dentists are putting it in the anterior region now, some look pretty good too.  How strong is strong enough, do we really need a central that has the strength of steel?  I guess that’s not for me to decide as I will make anything that is prescribed, but it does make it tough to match the color. I think that something like emax would certainly be strong enough at around 400mpa (typical pfm is around 200mpa) and make a beautiful alternative.


                   Zinser Dental Lab is an authorized BruxZir Laboratory. 

  Monolithic Zirconia crowns like Bruxzir don’t tend to break! (I did break one with a sledge hammer if that counts)If you want to put in a crown and never worry about it again, then this is your crown. A great replacement for a gold crown without the high price of gold, plus it looks great. We have even done some anterior work using bruxzir and I was surprised how good they looked.


   emax: We press our emax because it is stronger than milled. emax is a fantastic material, very aesthetic.  Great for anything from a molar to anterior veneers and crowns.  Visit http://www.ivoclarvivadent.us/en-us/ for all the latest developments and product information.

   Please feel free to email or call me with questions, I will be happy to answer them.
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Kurt Zinser 

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